Wednesday, December 22, 2010

NYC Gift Caricature Commissions

Most people think a caricature drawing is someone with a gigantic nose, drawn in an unflattering way. While that's ONE aspect of caricature drawing,ultimately a caricature drawing is supposed to enhance ones appearance, and bring out their personality. The word Caricature, means "loaded portrait". It's up to the individual artist, how they want to approach their subject.

For me, I prefer to look for the beauty inside each person I draw. You could say that I "draw the personality" especially in gift caricature. These two drawings reflect that type of style. Both were drawn initially in pencil  and then beautifully colored digitally using an ipad.

Caricatures like these make wonderful gifts, and can also double for avatar logos to be used on facebook profile pages, LinkedIn, or other social media outlets.

Prices for work like this starts at 40.00 each

If you would like one done for yourself, please contact me at

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