Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Caricatures are not just for parties. You can also use them as gifts for that special someone who is having a birthday, graduation, anniversary, or any other ocassion you can think of. Just send me a photo of the person who is being honored along with a list of their hobbies, interests, personality quirks, etc. and I will deliver a beautifully rendered caricature of them. Make sure that it is a CURRENT picture of the person! we can only draw what we SEE so make sure its a picture you LIKE! Front view Three Quarter and Side view is BEST!

Gift caricatures can be drawn in a variety of ways, I can do a cartoony style, semi realistic, or highly exaggerated!

Gift caricatures can be done in pen and ink on paper, with pencil, or colored digitally. The choice is yours.

Price is determined by turnaround time, as well as the complexity and size of project.

We also draw caricature GROUPS with 20 people or more!

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